Melatonin Determination (DLMO)

The DLMO melatonin check is something we use to track disturbances in the day- and night-rhythm.
How is your biological clock ticking and are there any shifts in rhythm? For this assessment saliva is being used which is subtracted from your mouth with a cotton stick. We do this at five different moments during the evening and beginning of the night. From the analysis we can see if the body’s own melatonin is sufficiently made and phased out and at which moments that occurs. On this basis we can give a specific advice about what you need for better sleep.


Through good sleep tests, measurements and possible specialistic examination your sleeping problems are being specified.

Sleep Behaviour Assessment

Biofeedback measurements

Sleep examination (polisomnography)

Apnoea examination

Activity tracking (actigraphy)

Melatonin Determination (DLMO)


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