Apnoea Assessment

Sleep therapists play a role in the tracking of sleep apnoea. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is common, but often detected late. On the basis of the sleep intake and the scientific questionnaires we will conclude if it can be a case of apnoea. Thereafter we make sure that in cooperaton with our partners you get the best examination and help. It can be a low threshold examination like OSAsense. During this examination we connect a watch, a finger cap and a hose for oxygen measurement with eachother during sleep. After the registration of a night we read the data and announce the results. Additional examination can also be a polysomnography. This examination is also done during your sleep, preferrably at home.


Through good sleep tests, measurements and possible specialistic examination your sleeping problems are being specified.

Sleep Behaviour Assessment

Biofeedback measurements

Sleep examination (polisomnography)

Apnoea Assessment

Activity tracking (actigraphy)

Melatonin determination (DLMO)


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