A dream job?

Invest in a good night sleep!

One out of two employees that work shifts, sleep poorly.

One out of five managers sleeps less than 6 hours.

After five hours of continuous sleep, most people need another 2-4 hours of sleep for their body cells to recover. This is true for everything from muscle cells and organs to brain cells. If this does not happen, chances are you will wake up in a bad mood. You are sensitive to stimuli and emotions. On the other hand, if you had a good night sleep, your resilience is enlarged, you are less prone to stress, and it gives you more perspective. You can handle life easily.

The consequence of a bad night sleep is, also in business life, sometimes underestimated. Not being able to sleep well for a long time can result in a poor immune system causing employees to often get a cold or the flu. Also the concentration can be less and mistakes can easily be made. A lot of managers who sleep less than 6 hours think that they can function just fine. ut not sleeping enough (or not deep enough) is something you don’t necessarily notice straight away. It goes slowly.
Eventually, sleep deprivation can even lead to depression or a burn out. Luckily there is good news: you can do something about it!

Sleep care in your company or organisation ensures a calm work environment with rested employees, more income and a pleasant work atmosphere. A win-win situation.

What are the consequences of sleeping problems (insomnia)?

  • 5 to 9 sick days a year
  • Production loss
  • Industrial accidents
  • Heightened risk for burn out
  • Poorer work atmosphere

What can you do as an employer to improve sufficient rest by sleeping?

  • Make sleep an element of the vitality policy
  • Briefly screen employees for sleep
  • Refer for further diagnostics
  • Teaching them anti-stress skills
  • Stimulate them to ‘’fuel’’ light (by going outside or using day light lamps)
  • Adjust work times/ tasks to biorhythm
  • Limit commuting
  • Limit screen time < 2 hours before bed time
  • Trainings in sleeping better, group setting/individual

Trainings and workshops

  • Sleep Better training
  • Sleep workshops for:

    • Shift workers
    • Office employees
    • Managers/signalling sleep problems
  • The trainings and workshops are possible online and offline
  • Map the sleeping gain of your company


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