The founder of sleep therapy is Francis Lanen.
She educates remedial therapists to become experts in sleep and sleep therapists.
The therapy is based on scientific insights.
The sleep remedial therapy has a practical approach to insomnia (sleeping) problems.

Sleep Therapy Eindhoven approaches your sleeping problems from a 24 hour vision.
What you do during day time influence your night just like the consequences from a bad night will affect your following day.
Systematically the underlying causes and the sustaining factors are being revealed.
Then we get started on approaching and solving you sleeping problems.

The sleep therapist ensures

  • Explanation about healthy sleep
  • Analysis and explanation of your sleeping problems
  • Personal sleeping advice (fundamentals of sleep)
  • Exercise material for better sleeping behaviour (CBT-I)
  • Access to your personal digital portal

Your sleep program consists of

  • Making acquaintance over the phone and information exchange

  • The sleep test Your sleep program consists of online

  • Questionaries and further examinations

  • Biofeedback measurements (if needed)

  • Treatment goal/plan (fundamentals of sleep)

  • The treatment itself

  • End report

  • After care; contact with your sleep therapist after 6 weeks

Fundamentals of sleep

  • Education about sleep hygiene
  • Stimulus control therapy
  • Sleep restriction therapy
  • Relaxation training
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia (CBT-I)
  • Movement training
  • Biofeedback training
  • Help with tapering off medication

You will find more information about the fundamentals of sleep in the sleep library
which is carefully composed by Sleep Therapy Eindhoven and sleep neurologists.


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